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14-03-2018 | Article

Aktører fra Rigsfællesskabets universiteter, myndigheder og erhverv mødes på Hindsgavl Slot

140 arktiske aktører fra danske, grønlandske og færøske universiteter, myndigheder og erhverv mødes...
10-03-2018 | Article

ARICE - HEADS UP! Call for Ship-Time Proposals 2018

Fully Funded Transnational Access to the Research Icebreakers CCGS Amundsen, RV Siquliak and PRV...
16-03-2018 | Article

Climates change faster in a warmer and wetter world

While more rain normally cools a summer environment, a warmer and wetter world could face quite...
15-03-2018 | Article

Forskningsskibet M/TR Pâmiut taget ud af drift

Grønlands Naturinstituts forskningsskib M/TR Pâmiut, som har tjent det grønlandske samfund i næsten...
15-03-2018 | Article

Citizens unite in Cape Town’s water crisis

With Cape Town’s water crisis so bad that its taps may soon run dry, Capetonians are working...
14-03-2018 | Article

Why choose the Arctic Studies specialization at Aalborg University and what to gain from it?

Do the Arctic Studies specialization and get new Arctic competences
14-03-2018 | Article

UN forest project ‘does more harm than good’

A UN forest project is fuelling conflict over land, threatening local people and failing to slow...
14-03-2018 | Article

Løkke til ministre: Hold jer ude af grønlandsk valgkamp

Ministrene i VLAK-regeringen skal holde sig fra at mødes med politikere og embedsmænd fra Grønland...
13-03-2018 | Article

New Zealand’s wildlife feels the heat

The impacts of climate change – including record heat and intense storms – are now hitting New...
12-03-2018 | Article

Sea surface temperatures and seagrass mortality in Florida Bay: Spatial and temporal patterns discerned from MODIS and AVHRR data

Abstract: Two major episodes of seagrass mortality have occurred in Florida Bay in the past 30 ...
12-03-2018 | Article

Experimental infection by Yersinia ruckeri O1 biotype 2 induces brain lesions and neurological signs in rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss)

Abstract: Pathological manifestations in rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) following...
12-03-2018 | Article

Coastal freshening prevents fjord bottom water renewal in Northeast Greenland - a mooring study from 2003-2015

Abstract: The freshwater content of the Arctic Ocean and its bordering seas has recently increased...
12-03-2018 | Article

Alberta’s oil exports face ocean of trouble

Canadians hoping Alberta’s oil exports from its tar and oil sands will expand may be...
10-03-2018 | Article

Linking the Modern Distribution of Biogenic Proxies in High Arctic Greenland Shelf Sediments to Sea Ice, Primary Production, and Arctic-Atlantic Inflow.

Abstract: The eastern north coast of Greenland is considered to be highly sensitive to the ongoing...
09-03-2018 | Article

Four joint W3-professor positions in Marine Conservation Marine Governance Biodiversity Theory Ecosystem Informatics

Four joint W3-professor positions in Marine Conservation Marine Governance Biodiversity Theory...
09-03-2018 | Article

Varm februar trak vintertemperaturen op i Nordøstgrønland

Mens vinteren i Danmark endte med Sibirisk kulde, gik det ganske anderledes i Nord- og Østgrønland...
09-03-2018 | Article

Why you haven’t seen us

Sorry we haven’t been available for a few days. We’ll be back very soon. LONDON...
09-03-2018 | Article

Havisen i Arktis fortsætter sit lave niveau

Det blev til endnu en ny arktisk havis-bundrekord i februar. “Havisen i Arktis dækkede i...
09-03-2018 | Article

Arktiske forhold udfordrer olienedbrydende bakterier

Mindre havis giver større skibstransport i Arktis ligesom mulighederne for at udvinde olie øges....
08-03-2018 | Article

Spatial and temporal variability of seawater pCO2 within the Canadian Arctic Archipelago and Baffin Bay during the summer and autumn 2011

Abstract: The partial pressure of CO2 in surface water (pCO2sw) measured within the Canadian Arctic...
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Title Org. name Type of project
Effect of melting of Greenland Ice Sheet on productivity in Greenland coastal zone Greenland Institute of Natural Resources (GINR) Ocean & fiord systems
RV Sanna cruice 2 Maniitsoq area cod survey Greenland Institute of Natural Resources (GINR) Marine ecosystems
RV Sanna cruice 3 - Sisimiut area - Cod and Snowcrab survey Greenland Institute of Natural Resources (GINR) Marine ecosystems
RV SANNA CRUICE 9 - Nuuk Fjord and Ameralik - Greenland halibut, shrimp and cod trawl survey Greenland Institute of Natural Resources (GINR) Marine ecosystems
RV SANNA CRUICE 4 - Disko Bay - Greenland halibut and Snowcrab survey Greenland Institute of Natural Resources (GINR) Marine ecosystems
Title Registration deadline Field of study ECTS points
First Steps in Biosphere - Atmosphere Modelling 31 Mar 2018 Natural science 5
Shooting course 02 May 2018 Other N/A
Aquatic Microbial and Molecular Ecology 15 May 2018 Natural science 10
Shooting course I & II (theory & practice) 19 Feb 2018 Other 0
Arctic Nature and Society 01 Mar 2018 Other 7,5