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30-11-2017 | Article

Logistikworkshoppen 2017

22-11-2017 | Article

New course: Arctic System Sciences

The course is designed to give the participants an in-depth understanding of climate related...
20-11-2017 | Article

New interdisciplinary Arctic coursework at UCPH

University of Copenhagen offers interdisciplinary coursework focusing on the Arctic. The coursework...
09-10-2017 | Article

Barak til salg ved Thule Air Base

Barakken tilhører DMI, men da DMI ikke længere kan finde anvendelse for bygningen, ønsker man at...
23-06-2017 | Article

Arctic Circle Conference – ‘Young Scientists’ Programme

In 2017, the Kingdom of Denmark will be officially represented at Arctic Circle Conference in...
20-06-2017 | Article

Arctic Frontiers Science 2018 Call for Papers

Arctic Frontiers Science 2018 takes place Tuesday 23 January until Thursday 25 January 2018.
20-06-2017 | Article

The Arctic Semester in Greenland

The Greenland Institute of Natural Resources (GINR), University of Greenland (UoG) and Aarhus...
31-05-2017 | Article

INTERACT is planning to create a collection of state-of-the-art educational materials

To researchers, teachers and educators! One of the aims is to facilitate the education and...
18-04-2017 | Article

GEM Annual Report Card

The Greenland Ecosystem Monitoring (GEM) programme has from this year onwards changed the format of...
Sergei Kirillov and Igor Dmitrenko (CEOS) operating the CTD station.
22-03-2017 | Article

Calls for proposals - UArctic and International Network Programme

The Danish Agency for Science and Higher Education has announce two calls for project proposals,...
26-01-2017 | Article

New Greenland Expedition Office website

Going to a remote area in Greenland? Check out this new website.
Logistikworkshoppen 2016
17-11-2016 | Article

Logistikworkshoppen 2016

Den 31. oktober afholdte Polar DTU for fjerde år i træk workshop om feltaktiviteter og...
Ulla Tørnæs
17-11-2016 | Article

Polarforskningskonferencen 2016

Polarforskningskonferencen 2016 blev afholdt på DTU i samarbejde mellem Polar DTU og Styrelsen for...
02-10-2016 | Article

Isaaffik at the White House

The Danish Minister for Higher Education and Science highlights the Isaaffik portal at the White...
30-08-2016 | Article

INTERACT funded for 2016-20

The EU-project INTERACT (International Network for Terrestrial Research and Monitoring in the...
26-06-2016 | Article


Version 2 of the platform is now available including a variety of new features
Hans Christian Steen-Larsen trækker udstyret over isen til forsøgsstedet
30-04-2016 | Article

Isolerende luftlag over Grønlands iskappe mindsker nedbør

Jordens klima er blevet varmere, men selv om den grønlandske iskappe smelter hastigt i...
05-04-2016 | Article

Hindsgavl II workshop

Aarhus Universitet, Danmarks Tekniske Universitet og Københavns Universitet inviterede arktiske...
11-02-2016 | Article

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ISAAFFIK Arctic Gateway is the portal where researchers, coordinators and logistical personnel...

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Title Org. name Type of project
Frost flowers and carbon dynamics in Arctic Greenland Institute of Natural Resources (GINR) Sea ice
Ichtyoplankton and pelagic fish sampling as validation for echoes of EK80 Greenland Institute of Natural Resources (GINR) Marine ecosystems
Microplastics in benthic fauna and sediments in Arctic waters – Part 2 Aarhus University (AU) Marine ecosystems
Marin Basis Zackenberg Aarhus University (AU) Marine ecosystems
NERC Changing Arctic Ocean Cruise JR17006 Natural Environment Research Council (NERC) Marine ecosystems
Title Organisation Application deadline
Two Canada Research Chairs (Tier 2) in Oil Spill Science and Sea Ice Modelling Position #25128 and #25130 University of Manitoba (UoM) 03 Feb 2018
Biologist or like for Dept. of Environment at The Greenland Institute of Natural Resources Greenland Institute of Natural Resources (GINR) 02 Mar 2018